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Diageo Promises 'Meaningful Solutions' To Binge Drinking To Win A Voice In Alcohol Regulation Talks

With Just under a fortnight to go before a form of minimum alcohol pricing comes into effect in the UK, Diageo Chief Executive Ivan Menezes is calling on drinks manufacturers to "fight for the right" to be more involved in drawing up regulations.

Menezes admitted that he was shocked at scenes of drunken excess on London streets witnessed while on patrol with the police, but believes drinks makers need to be involved with discussions around tighter alcohol regulations. He cited the World Health Organisation (WHO) which claims involving drinks companies in regulatory conversations always leads to rules being watered down. Menezes acknowledged that he -- as well as other drinks company heads -- need to step up to the table with "more meaningful solutions" to earn the right to be involved with future conversations.

His comments come little less than a fortnight before new complex rules come into effect in England to ensure minimum pricing of 50p for a can or strong beer, GBP10.16 for a bottle of vodka and GBP2.24 for a bottle of wine. The limits are much lower than Scotland, and have left critics complaining the prices are so low they are virtually pointless and will only impact around 1% of alcohol sales.

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