TV-Related Tweets Kick-Start Viewers

TV viewers' exposure to TV-related tweets can yield “immediate” action.

A combined study from Fox Broadcasting, Twitter and the Advertising Research Foundation says 90% of those who see TV show-related tweets have taken “immediate action” -- either to watch a particular TV, search for related information, or share content.

Breaking this down, the research says of those exposed to TV-related tweets, 77% have watched TV show content; 42% have made a plan to watch the show later; 38% have watched episodes online; and 33% have changed the channel to watch the show.

In addition, 76% have done searches for a show and 78% has clicked on a show’s hashtag or followed a talent’s handle or retweet TV-related tweets.

Of particular interest to those TV program marketers, the majority of those who are exposed to TV-related tweets “are also highly likely to watch a show they’ve never watched before, or resume watching a show that they’d previously stopped watching,” as a result of a TV-related tweet.

Other results: Those who are exposed to tweets, where an advertiser has been mentioned in regard to a TV show, “are much more likely to view that brand as appealing” than the general Twitter TV audience.

The majority of TV viewers -- 72% -- tweet when they watch a live broadcast; 60% tweet about TV shows when they are not watching them; and 58% tweet about TV shows while they watch on time-shifted platforms, like OnDemand, Hulu, iTunes and Amazon.

The study, conducted by db5, a research consultancy, consisted of 12,577 people recruited on and the Twitter mobile app over a two-week period in January.

Participants were surveyed within 24 hours of prime-time Twitter activity. Of those in the survey, 47% were male; 53% were female. Those 18-24 years old represented 32% of the sample; 25-34 years old, 22%; 35-49, 21%; under 17, 15%, and 50 and older, 10%.

“This groundbreaking research has allowed us, for the very first time, to understand and quantify the very real value of the enormous volume of tweets generated by our shows and our brand partners every week,” stated Judit Nagy, vice president of analytics of Fox.

Nagy said some of the surprising stats of social media included looking at the Fox network itself -- helped by the return of “American Idol” in January. There were 12 million unique tweets during the two-week period, generating 460 million total impressions -- which, Nagy says, means each tweet was seen nearly 30 times



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  1. Carri Bugbee from Big Deal Digital, March 25, 2014 at 2:01 a.m.

    Thanks for the information, Wayne. Glad to see hard data to confirm what some of us have been talking about for several years. Can you share a link to the report? Or is it for the entertainment industry only?

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