Adobe's Mobile Services Support iBeacon, Predictive Tools

Adobe Systems released a series of marketing cloud services Tuesday to help marketers create, manage and deliver personalized mobile app experiences in real-time without the need for geeky app development skills.

The new capabilities build on Adobe Marketing Cloud services to help marketers manage and market content for apps across all major app stores, measure mobile marketing campaigns and engage users of apps near Apple iBeacon.

Marketers are not embracing iBeacons as hoped, but have begun to experiment with local promotions, based on a consumer's location or search for content in a specific area. Apple's iBeacon technology, which uses Bluetooth, supports machine-to-machine identification. It notifies nearby iOS 7 devices of their presence.

Adobe's services will have the ability to measure the engagement of users in apps connected to iBeacons, which launched in mid-2013, per Ray Pun, senior product marketing manager for Mobile Solutions, Adobe Digital Marketing. "Bluetooth is a very accurate technology indoors vs. GPS, which became one of the barriers to location-based marketing," Pun said.



The service will analyze how long consumers dwell, navigate through iBeacons within a store, and when hooked into analytics, provide local notification or targeted promotions whether someone is in proximity to an iBeacon. It will also help marketers to understand their return on investment.

Adobe processes 2 trillion mobile analytics transactions annually, but it also supports the entire life cycle. Many of the online magazines on tablets are created on Adobe platforms. "We see more than 170 million downloads of digital magazines," Pun said.

Aside from the mobile services, the company has also announced Marketing Mix Planning, which allows marketers to optimize their complete range of online and offline marketing such as display, search and social ads as well as TV, print and events. The platform looks at historical data to make predictions about how changes in investments within the media mix will influence overall performance.

Overall, Adobe delivers annually 460 billion dynamic campaign assets, processes 18 trillion transactions and manages 27 petabytes of data.

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