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Facebook To Offer Gamers And Advertisers A Virtual Future

Facebook clearly believes the future of gaming lies in virtual reality as it takes steps to 'futureproof' itself and become the all-round platform of the Internet and not just the place to see who likes your holiday snaps. So, instead of wondering why it has just announced the $2bn purchase of Oculus Rift VR, marketers may well be better off asking what opportunities this opens up. Given that no other gaming manufacturer has yet to push VR the potential is huge and there are already experiments in marketing and advertising, such as O2 working with Oculus to let England rugby fans go on a virtual tour behind the scenes on match days. Tesco has similarly worked on creating virtual stores. 

Clearly Facebook considers there are massive advertising and marketing virtual reality opportunities to be offered to brands and so, rather than thinking solely about the social media site as a news feed opportunity, so virtual reality is bound to be a new hot topic of discussion around future projects for brands who want to be seen as innovative and cool.

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