Dentsu Launches New Content Unit

With content marketing rapidly gaining traction among brands as an effective way to communicate with consumers, Dentsu is launching a new global unit called Dentsu Media Creative Content. (DMCC).

The move is designed to ramp up the production of entertainment and sports-related content that the company can use to help connect marketers, consumers and media companies.

Dentsu already produces content for a number of Asian markets, and invests in feature films and broadcast rights, including the rights to televise the Olympics in a number of markets which it typically resells to broadcasters after lining up sponsors. It also has a U.S. entertainment division based in Los Angeles that co-develops content with other producers there.

One of the goals of the new operation is to increase that production activity and export it to markets around the globe. The company cited “Iron Chef” the long-running show on Fuji TV, as an example of a successful program model that it intends to emulate. That show has been franchised to many markets globally (often packaged up with sponsor tie-ins) including the U.S.

“With the rapidly expanding volume of information in the global market, as well as the diversifying channels for consuming this information, advertisers are required to develop and manage content of high quality in order to communicate with consumers through media,” Dentsu stated. DMCC is designed to help them do just that.

DMCC will tie up with local media and entertainment companies in order to produce programs that resonate culturally within targeted markets. Content could include TV shows, sports events, movies, music games and online programs.

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