ReactX Gives Buyers Access To 'High Impact, Custom' Ads Via RTB

Ad platform ReactX on Wednesday announced the launch of a new platform for buyers that will enable them to build “high impact, custom premium” ads and deliver them via real-time bidding (RTB).

A company representative told RTM Daily that “high impact, custom premium ads” are digital ads, such as page takeovers, peel downs, or video overlays.

Traditionally, brands haven't been able to deploy those ads via RTB because they take months to customize to each Web site individually,” the rep said. “They’re super complex to customize to each site -- the process can actually take three to four months to get one live because of the process. They need to first qualify the site (make sure it works with premium ads), then actually create an ad that will work.”

To fix this, ReactX pre-qualifies sites on the fly so any publisher can offer the high impact, custom ad formats via RTB. On the flip side, it allows brands to more easily scale campaigns that rely on the high impact ad units.

*The initial version of this article incorrectly stated that ReactX pre-qualifies sites beforehand. The article has been updated to reflect that the company pre-qualifies sites on the fly to give advertisers more freedom with their RTB campaigns.



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