Top 20% Of Automakers Drive 81% Of Paid-Search Clicks

Data detailing the top automotive manufacturers in paid search on desktop and mobile devices shows that out of the 177 manufacturer sites running keywords in January and February 2014, the top 20 drove 81% of paid-search clicks, per AdGooroo.

The top 20 sites running keywords on U.S. Google desktop and tablets, which represents about 11% in aggregate, drove 81% or 11.7 million of the 14.4 million paid search clicks in automotive during the first two months in the year., and emerged as leaders when it came to capturing the most paid-search impressions on desktop. All three made it into the top 10 for mobile. When combining results from and, the manufacturer controlled the greatest share during that time.

The data highlights the impact of recent changes in consumer behaviors such as the use of mobile device to compare models, prices and dealers while on the showroom floor, and greater efforts by manufacturers to connect with consumers.



Changing consumer behavior continues to drive brands more toward mobile search campaigns and has prompted marketers at Chevrolet to bid on the keyword like "dodge challenger" to entice shoppers to look at the Chevy Camaro instead.

The dataset of 35,000 top automotive manufacturer keywords in mobile search from AdGooroo looks similar to those on desktop. and rated the top in mobile -- at No. 1 and No. 3, respectively. took No. 2 in mobile, but No. 9 in desktop. took the No. 4 spot on mobile and No. 5 on desktop.

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