Stella Artois Expands To Home Bars

Stella Artois is hoping to expand the reach of PerfectDraft, a countertop draft system now popular in Europe.

The device is one feature of the brand's quest to elevate the home-bar experience around the globe. 

The beer maker held a celebration last week in New York City to launch a global pilot program aiming to bring its best-in-class draft experience to the world's home bars. The evening was hosted by the actor Jake Johnson, star of “New Girl”on Fox and a home-bar enthusiast.

Guest bartender Allaine Schaiko, reigning Stella Artois World Draught Master, gave attendees lessons on home draft pouring skills using the PerfectDraft.

PerfectDraft is being piloted globally in cities including New York, Sao Paulo and London.

Consumers are drawn to countertop draft systems because they allow them to recreate the bar draft beer experience at home. Stella Artois drinkers, in particular, have come to expect the beer to be served in its signature Chalice, using the brand's time-honored nine-step pouring ritual.



The United States has seen a surge in home bar interest over the past year. A study released by Stella Artois shows that "home bars" represent a surging trend in entertainment. Half of Americans currently have a dedicated "home bar" section within their living space. Among the 50% who do not, 44% plan to create one within the next year, and a full 86% of the home-bar set are more interested in cultivating it this year than last.

The “State of the Home Bar” study was conducted by Northstar Research. It examined the habits and preferences of 1,000 Americans, and found that home bar enthusiasm has risen sharply over the past year.

"Stella Artois connoisseurs around the world appreciate the care and craftsmanship that go into every chalice, from the finest ingredients to the time-honored pouring ritual," said Debora Koyama, global vice president, Stella Artois, in a release. "We intend to remake the home bar experience on a global scale, to ensure that consumers never miss the opportunity to drink their favorite beer in the form they prefer."

The study found that when given a choice, many Americans enjoy celebrating at home. The average American hosts approximately six parties in their home within a given year. They attend seven house parties located elsewhere. They spend approximately $603 during the course of the year on home parties, including drinks, food and accessories, the study found.

Home bars, once consigned to the basement, are now migrating throughout the living space. While the basement still serves as the bar space for 44% of Americans, 56% report that their home bar is located elsewhere.

The “State of the Home Bar” study was conducted among 1,000 Americans over age 25. Surveys were completed on March 18. Sampling quotas were used to ensure the sample is representative of the U.S. population in terms of age, gender, and region. Assuming a probability sample, the margin of error would be +/-3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

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