Varick Partners With Mobile DSP Run

Varick Media Management is expected on Thursday to announce a partnership with Run, a mobile-focused programmatic ad tech provider, RTM Daily has learned. Varick is looking to keep pace with advertisers as they continue to take mobile advertising more seriously.

“Many advertisers have been frustrated [with] the mobile environment, which holds such promise for location-based targeting,” stated Jim Caruso, Varick’s vice president of product strategy. He added that Run supports cookie-less targeting, something he believes has not been done effectively up to this point.

Varick, MDC Partners’ trading desk, will use Run’s mobile demand-side platform (DSP). The trading desk now supports IAB Rising Stars, mobile video, standard banner placements and native ad formats for advertisers looking to run mobile campaigns.

Through the partnership, Run’s mobile and bid data will also be integrated into Varick’s data management platform.

In addition to Run, Varick has access to mobile inventory through AppNexus, Dstillery and Lyfe Mobile. Varick will continue working with these mobile DSP partners. A company rep noted that Varick prides itself on working with a variety of mobile DSPs.

However, Varick pitches its partnership with Run as different because of the cookie-less targeting, which Varick believes will help when targeting consumers in specific retail environments.

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