Thinking of giving up on #selfies?

CamMe - Revolutionizing the Selfie

Thinking of giving up on #selfies? This app may change your mind! I just discovered CamMe - an amazing and FREE photography app that perfects the art of the selfie. The app is easy to use and really demonstrates how far technology has come!
CamMe recognizes hand gestures as cues to snapping the picture (arm length is no longer an issue!). To activate the camera, all you need to do is raise and close your hand. Simple. Your phone can be positioned from 12 inches to 12 feet away, perfect for the singleton selfie or a family photo. The app also includes fun features such as a photo booth film strip and a heart background. Paid features include a Mondrian style photo collage, as well as various photo frames to choose from.

Clearly I’m not the only one obsessed, to-date CamMe has over 2M downloads and nearly 400 pics are snapped every minute with the app. Before you hit the town this weekend, download this app and say cheese.

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