Comcast AdDelivery Taps Adstream To Build Global Ad Delivery Network

Comcast AdDelivery -- part of Comcast's services portfolio -- and Adstream have created a global platform to support distribution, production and asset management requirements for global advertisers.

The relationship signifies Comcast AdDelivery's foray into international markets with Adstream as the company's initial partner. The company does not require a domestic partner. It has the capability in-house to get the job done. For international growth, the deal gives global brand managers insight into real-time reporting by providing ad delivery reports on advertisements run worldwide. 

The application layer supports product workflow, services digital campaign management and data analytics that feed into an asset management system to support the delivery of ads worldwide. Adstream connects TV in 110 countries, 40,000 media owners globally and 32 offices in 26 countries. There are 6,500 destinations in the U.S. and Canada, connecting 98% digitally.

Todd Porch, vice president and general manager, Comcast AdDelivery, said most U.S. brands and agencies expect us to support order entry, and the company will likely run the international piece similarly, with the price of the product wrapped up in the service. "We handhold about 95% of the companies," he said. "Smaller tier-two advertisers typically use the self-serve tool."



Since the deal crosses international borders, Porch said it saves time and makes it easier to distribute the brand's message worldwide.

For brands and agencies, the deal removes the need to interact and enter data into multiple systems. Everything is done through one unified system. For broadcasters responsible for delivering the ads, the deal automates processes and provides the content in the exact advertising specifications required.

"Brands and agencies can enter the order themselves, or we can do it on behalf of the brand or their agencies," said Gerry Sutton, Adstream CEO.




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