Rentrak Reveals Surge In 'Prime-Time' Broadcast On-Demand Viewing, Finds 66% Viewed After Third Day

Rentrak this morning released data estimating that broadcast prime-time viewing of video-on-demand programming grew 24% over the past year. The year-over-year analysis, which is based on data from 111 million television sets, also found that 66% of the viewing of broadcast prime-time programming occurred after the third day of its original airing.

The data, which comes from Rentrak’s just-released State of VOD Report, draws on five years of on-demand viewing data, finds that 43.2 million televisions accessed an average of nine hours of VOD content per month.

The data suggests that broadcast programming may be in greater demand than cable, noting that on-demand viewing of the entire TV entertainment category -- including both broadcast and cable networks -- rose 17% year-over-year.



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