Grams Resembles Google, But Searches For Illegal Items

Now there's a search engine for guns, drugs, stolen credit cards and other illegal things in what some have dubbed the dark underground market.

Grams looks like Google. There are plans to offer paid-search results like AdWords scheduled to launch within the next two weeks. It will allow vendors to buy keywords, and their listings will go to the top of the search results when those keywords are searched on. It will have a border, with an advertisement disclaimer, so users can tell the difference between a post and paid results.

The developer has created an API that allows marketers to implement a faster way to add information about listings and vendors, including reviews and transaction counts.

Searchers can only access the engine, which searches by keywords in title and descriptions, by downloading the anonymizing browser Tor.



The creator of the search engine in a post explains processes such as patching up security holes, including Heartbleed, adding important features and integrating a couple more markets. The engine serves results from eight online black markets, such as Agora, BlackBank, Cloud-Nine, Evolution, Mr. Nice Guy, Pandora, SilkRoads2, and Pirate Market.

New features include the ability to change the currency of the prices; update bitcoin prices every five minutes; disable markets in which they do not want to see results; and a sorting feature for relevance, price, and newest items.

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