Video Propels Mobile Ads For Entertainment Industry

When it comes to getting users to engage with mobile banners, video appears to be the way to do it, at least for the entertainment industry.

That's according to AdTheorent, which says video accounted for 57% of all in-banner actions the entertainment industry saw on mobile devices during Q1 2014. Importantly, a company rep said that figure is not bloated by auto-play videos. The entertainment industry is also driven by video (movies, TV shows), so it’s logical that video ads would be its marketing vehicle of choice.

AdTheorent is a mobile ad network which supports real-time bidding (RTB). The company analyzed user engagement from 100 million mobile ads the entertainment delivered
in Q1 2014 for its report.

Social-network interactions accounted for 23% of in-banner actions in the entertainment industry, while other activities, such as home page visits, calendar reminders or “more information” buttons, accounted for 20%.

Android users beat iOS users in terms of engagement in Q1, at least when on the go. AdTheorent says Android users were 17% more likely to click ads than their Apple counterparts.

Oddly enough, however, when connected to WiFi, iOS outperformed Android by 27%. In general, WiFi connected devices led to more engagement (16% higher).
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