Entelo Hiring Algorithm Searches Social Sites For Gender, Race, Ethnicity

An algorithm developed by Entelo claims to offer a search tool that helps recruiters identify job candidates who are women in specific race or ethnicity, or those who served in the military. The company's Web site refers to these folks as "under-represented groups."

Most recruitment software tools scour a person's email or resume sent to the recruiter. Entelo Diversity looks for specific words. That typically opens the first door. Entelo's tool sources the content in social sites such as Github, Dribbble, Quora and Twitter to gather its information. The three-year-old startup boasts a client list supporting AT&T, ESPN, Facebook, Groupon, Square, Warby Parker, and Yelp, among others.

San Francisco-based Entelo released the platform just prior to the White House and U.S. President Barack Obama releasing a study warning that Big Data and targeting can lead to discrimination.



CNet points to the recent 6 to 2 vote by the Supreme Court to uphold Michigan's ban on state affirmative-action programs. Critics emphasize that job hiring should focus on training and promoting the best-qualified candidates regardless of racial or gender background.

"Ethnic Women" photo from Shutterstock.

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