Sprite, LeBron James Launch 6 Mix Contest

Sprite 6 Mix, a limited-time beverage co-developed with NBA star player LeBron James, is running a video contest designed to reward Millennials who are "changing the game" in various areas of endeavor.

People 18 to 30 are being encouraged to create videos (90 to 180 seconds long) showing how they're changing the game through music, visual arts, entrepreneurship or community involvement, and their passion and aspirations within their fields. Entrants need to upload their videos on YouTube, post a tweet that includes their videos' URLs, and tag them with #ChangeTheGame by June 1.

The brand prize winner will receive $50,000. 

Four finalists will receive "learning experiences" tailored to their respective fields: a mentoring session with a civic leader for the community involvement finalist; a meet-and-greet with a record label executive or an opportunity to attend a performance for the music finalist; a mentoring session with a business executive for the entrepreneurial finalist; and the opportunity to display his/her work on and on a custom Sprite item for the visual arts finalist.



Videos will be judged by a panel from Sprite, based on creativity, originality, quality of submission and the entrant's plan to use the $50,000 prize. James will personally choose the grand-prize winner. 

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