Saatchi Launches Digital Training Program

There's a knowledge gap within the digital advertising industry. Among the 200 million U.S. professionals working with digital media, 58% do not feel their skills meet their organization’s requirements.

Now, Saatchi & Saatchi LA is partnering with cloud-based video training service Grovo to create "Digital Agency Essentials.”

"Training hasn't kept up with technology," says Jeff Fernandez, co-founder & CEO, Grovo. "Now, we offer professional development for a modern professional worker that is customized, engaging and fun."

Saatchi's purpose has largely been to push the boundaries of its training efforts by experimenting with new techniques, platforms and educational tools.

"Grovo represented a unique opportunity to reformat our training initiatives with consistent introductory overviews," says Jeremiah Knight, executive director, Saatchi & Saatchi LA.

The programs are designed for time-strapped executives. The “Digital Agency Essentials” course includes 30, 60-second video lessons, divided into three tracks: “digital agency fundamentals,” “social media content fundamentals” and “social media content around the Web.” All course content was produced by Grovo with input from Saatchi.



A one-minute video limit is key to capturing attention and getting viewers to watch the entire video.

"It's funny but you know when a friend will send you a great eight-minute video, and you think, How long it is?,’and only watch the first few minutes,” asks Fernandez ."These micro-learning videos are short but give you exactly what you need."

Still, it is not easy to condense the concepts into bite-size, easy-to-consume content that is core to Grovo's platform, says Knight. Following that, translating the online portion into offline classes and discussion groups within Saatchi LA.

These lessons also serve as an industry standard to separate what employees know and don't know when it comes to the digital space. "This industry changes so fast that it is hard to keep up with expectations," says Fernandez.

The deal with Saatchi & Saatchi includes a subscription for Saatchi LA employees to view unlimited content produced by Grovo. The courses join Grovo’s library of more than 4,500 one-minute videos across 130 different technology topics. Saatchi, as well as any company using Grovo training, also has access to Grovo's training platform to track employee progress and receive data reports on employee viewing habits and performance.

Although Saatchi employees receive access to Grovo's programs, any individual or business can watch these lessons if they register for Grovo's services. Looking forward, Saatchi is working with Grovo on creating learning tracks for mobile development and advertising.
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