ANA To 'Acquire' Brand Activation Association

Update: Story has been updated to reflect that marketing members of the BAA do not automatically become members of the ANA as a result of the deal. However, they do gain certain privileges. Also updated to note the BAA has 200 members.

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) on Thursday announced it plans to “acquire” the Brand Activation Association (BAA). The acquisition will take place on July 1.

Bob Liodice, president and CEO of the ANA, tells Media Daily News that the move is more of a merger than an acquisition, since no money is actually changing hands.

“It’s an integration of assets and capabilities,” Liodice explains. “It’s the bringing together of the two companies without any financial transactions.”

Liodice says the BAA -- formerly known as the Promotion Marketing Association -- is focused on promotion marketing, experience marketing, relationship marketing and shopper marketing. It consists of marketers, agencies, lawyers and service providers. The ANA, on the other hand, is only for marketers.

Marketing members of the BAA will be entitled to some ANA privileges beginning July 1, but do not automatically become full members. Privileges include being able to attend ANA conference at the ANA individual member rate, attend ANA Webinars, and receive and contribute to some ANA publications, per a representative.

Mon-marketing members will remain members of the BAA, which will operate as a subsidiary of the ANA. The non-marketers will be considered “associate members” of the ANA, per Liodice.

Marketers that are members of both the ANA and BAA will cease paying BAA fees. The BAA’s leadership team will remain intact and its president and CEO, Bonnie Carlson, will report to Liodice.

Liodice says the ANA has 600 member companies and the BAA has 200 members



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