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Videology's Kerckhove: France Has Embraced Programmatic TV

  • Beet.TV, Friday, May 23, 2014 11:36 AM

Beet.TV has posted a video interview with Anne de Kerckhove, managing director for EMEA at Videology, who says France is a leader in the programmatic TV market.

Beet.TV writes: “[Anne de Kerckhove] says that many big publishers and broadcasters in France have embraced programmatic as a means to set pricing ‘at the right value, at the right time.’ Also, unlike the U.S., where most ad inventory is bought during the annual upfronts, in France, there is a marketplace that takes place every three months, making the the process more dynamic. She says that the concept of programmatic in France ‘has been accepted for a long time.’”

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