Forensiq Builds Lead, Conversion Fraud Technology, Expands Overseas

Forensiq has built lead and conversion fraud technology that has helped it to expand overseas. The advertising company -- which works to eliminate display fraud, viewability fraud, click fraud and affiliate fraud -- is expanding into Europe with Erol Soyer leading the leap across the pond. He will serve as managing director of international to run the company's first office in London.

Soyer, based in London, will head the U.K. office and lead the company's global expansion in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The 25-year media industry veteran held executive roles at the global ad agency OMD in the U.K. He has also held executive positions with Google, Yahoo and Vibrant Media.

Forensiq also recently appointed Dean Harris to CMO. Harris, based in New York City, once served as head of marketing for HotJobs, Vonage, Kayak, kgb and BlueCava. At Forensiq, he will increase brand visibility and forge deeper customer relationships.



David Sendroff, CEO and founder, said during a discussion last month that the company has begun to identify lead and conversion fraud, along with clicks on online display ads likely coming from bots or fraudulent users. "A fraudster can make $50 on one lead or conversion," he said, revealing that the company, which has worked with AOL's, mostly works with direct advertisers and agencies. "We're a few weeks away from getting integrated with a very large ad exchange."

The platform validates or invalidates impressions before marketers buy them. Marketers create segments based on demographics and different characteristics, but they can now create segments based on a non-fraud segment to avoid botnets and non-human traffic.

Sendroff said the technology attracted an unnamed partnership with an ad exchange. Hypothetically, getting the integration with the ad exchange lays the foundation for clients to purchase fraud-free ad inventory. These relationships are based on demand, he said. "We had to show the exchange that many companies want to use it," he explains. The company also is working on authenticating whether a video ad was audible to the person viewer it, among other things.

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