NEW! Strategic Milk Alliance Urges Canadians To 'Milk Every Moment'

milkinstitueThe Strategic Milk Alliance, representing dairy producer organizations across English-speaking Canada, has launched the latest TV spots in its "Milk Every Moment" campaign. The campaign targets adults to drink milk by evoking fond childhood memories of a time when milk was the go-to beverage. Remember the days of milk and cookies or milk with cake? In "Rain Gear," there's adorable vignettes of kids making snow angels, hiding in an old school clothes hamper and taking a shower wearing full rain gear. Cute stuff. "Not everything we did when we were kids made sense," says ad copy that's followed with the kid drinking milk and eating a hearty slice of chocolate cake. "But drinking milk did," closes the ad, seen here. "Cushion" is the same idea, with different childhood memories of jumping on furniture, tying helium balloons in a girl's hair and putting clothes on backwards. Watch it here. Each spot drives viewers to, where they can review a collection of recipes for classic dishes and desserts that pair perfectly with a glass of milk. Like I need a website for that. DDB Canada Vancouver created the campaign.

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