The Light Is Shining On Mobile Programmatic

The ability to buy mobile ads via programmatic has been a topic of interest for well over a year now, and some recent news has brought the subject back to the surface.

On Tuesday, Omnicom and Twitter struck a two-year deal worth $230 million that will see Omnicom’s trading desk, Accuen, integrate with MoPub, the mobile ad exchange Twitter acquired last year.

Mediapsssst compares the deal to TV upfronts, and that’s an accurate thought, but the deal is unique because of its focus on programmatic. The fact that Omnicom will be buying ads on Twitter is not of particular interest, but how it will be buying is. The deal reaffirms the buy-side’s willingness to commit to both mobile advertising and programmatic buying.

The sell-side is helping to fill out the other side of the equation, too.

With regard to the Omnicom-Twitter news, Social Media & Marketing Dailynotes that it appears the MoPub exchange “will become the future of Tiwtter’s business, enabling companies to leverage at massive scale.” That’s not much of a surprise -- we could have surmised as much when Twitter first bought the exchange -- but the company is really putting the exchange to use both for current and future business.

In addition, in recent weeks we’ve seen two major supply-side platforms (SSPs) reveal how they intend to enter the mobile fray: PubMatic through its launch of a location-based ad exchange and its acquisition of Mocean Mobile, and Rubicon Project through its launch of a mobile-only “programmatic direct” platform.

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  1. Skip Brand from bbd (branding big data), May 29, 2014 at 2:14 p.m.

    Tyler, Good update to a news event that is more interesting programmatically than a simple partnership between big agency and a top 10 media property/application. I believe the tipping point as been reached with "premium mobile programmatic." Twitter and Omnicom are one of many big upfront programmatic direct buys. These partners are in the hundreds, if not thousands, which will be now be noted now more than ever----- thanks to your reporting. The mobile programmatic passions, desires and needs to get these deals done is growing stronger.

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