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Rocket Fuel Responds To Financial Times

In response to the Financial Times’ accusation that Rocket Fuel placed ads on to fraudulent Websites during a Mercedes-Benz online ad campaign, the ad tech company published a blog article on their own site.

Rocket Fuel defends itself by writing: “A recent Financial Times article cites Mercedes-Benz as estimating that fewer than 6% of an online advertising campaign served by Rocket Fuel were labeled as questionable, yet the headline suggests an apocalypse of digital advertising.”

The company goes on to claim that it “found quality ad inventory to serve in place of the 6% of Mercedes ads identified as questionable, and delivered those impressions to humans before any bills were even sent.”

“Rocket Fuel takes an aggressive posture to screen bots out of the ad space in the over 200 countries worldwide where we serve our customers' ads,” the company asserts in the post. “We reject approximately 40% of all ad space daily due to its failure to pass our own bot and brand-safety screens.”



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