Sizable TV Deletions Occur, Despite Frequent Recordings

So much TV programming and so little time: Just because someone records a TV show doesn’t mean they’ll be watching it.

A new study shows that 28% of recorded TV shows are never watched, with around 33% of younger TV consumers -- those 16 to 34 years old -- deleting programs before watching, according to Arris, a telecommunications technology company.

Even older TV consumers do lot of TV deletion before watching those TV shows -- 24%. The study goes further to say those new streaming on-demand services aren’t enough when it comes to time-shifted programming. 

In fact, about 50% of consumers want the additional option to record, and around one-third of those consumers want to record multiple programs.

The study says 30% of consumers would be “happy to pay a little more” if this came "as part of bundle deal.” And 26% says “this would encourage me to choose the service provider.”

Research also points out that 84% want to be able to fast-forward through ads -- with more than half of those consumers who either download/record TV programs already skipping commercials.

Arris interviewed 10,500 respondents from 19 countries -- 1,000 each in the U.S. and China -- 50/50 male/female. Respondents had a TV service and Internet connection access.

"Watching TV" photo from Shutterstock.



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