Sizmek Adds Weather-Based Targeting Data To Peer39

Global ad management firm Sizmek is expected to announce an addition to its Peer39 data this week that will allow advertisers to use real-time weather data to target consumers when buying via programmatic channels.

Peer39 is Sizmek’s suite of data products. Tthe weather data will be available to advertisers through buying platforms that use Peer39, such as AppNexus, per a company representative.

The rep did not say what other buying platforms the data will be accessible through, but did note that it would be made available to other Peer39 integration partners “over time.”

“As weather is relevant for each and every impression, any advertiser should be interested in integrating weather-related data into their campaign to increase relevancy,” said Alex White, vice president of product strategy at Sizmek.

White said that the creative potential when it comes to using weather-based data is "unlimited," adding: "User cases include everything from selling ice cream on a hot day to switching to soup on a cold day based on a user’s geography, to ordering take-out when it starts raining and selling bathing suits only when the sun is out.”



White acknowledged that weather has been used by advertisers before, including through demand-side platforms (DSPs) and in programmatic environments. However, he argued that the Peer39 offering is different because it offers the data “at scale, globally, and independent of media,” (emphasis his).

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