Google Announces Premium Video Ad Marketplace For Programmatic

Google on Wednesday announced Google Partner Select, a programmatic video marketplace that will feature premium inventory, per a DoubleClick blog post.

In addition, Neal Mohan, vice president of display and video advertising products at Google, announced on the DoubleClick Live Stream that Google is adding “programmatic direct” capabilities to the DoubleClick platform to support the automated sale of high-quality video inventory.

“In addition to Google Partner Select, today I’m excited to announce that we are creating a new capability for advertisers and publishers to transact direct, reservation-based sales through the DoubleClick platform programmatically,” Mohan said.

He continued: “The idea here is to alleviate the cumbersome process that we all face today, where there [are] days of back-and-forth between buyers and sellers involving multiple phone calls and, yes, even fax machines.”

The Google Partner Select marketplace is aptly named, as it will feature inventory from a "select set" of publishers willing to invest “top-quality video."

No sense of the scale or size of the exchange has been revealed. However, and J.R. McCabe, senior vice president of video at Time Inc., is quoted in the blog post as saying that Time will work with Google to develop the marketplace. Also, Omnicom appears to be in on the buy-side.

Josh Jacobs, global CEO of Accuen and president of platforms and partnerships at Omnicom Media Group, is quoted in the blog post as saying: “Video is the fuel for effective brand marketing and having more top quality video content available programmatically is going to open up all sorts of new possibilities for brand clients. That’s what Google is looking to accomplish with this marketplace and we look forward to working with them as it evolves.”

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