Brick & Mortar vs. Mobile Shopping Behind the Scenes

As consumers continue to go to stores to shop, the mobile commerce volcano smolders brightly beneath the surface.

For some time, I’ve been following two month-to-month mobile activity tracking services, one that measures store activity and the other focused on smartphone shopping.

Taken together, they tend to create a more holistic piece of insight into the influence of mobile on shopping behavior.

Coincidentally, the two reports, one from Branding Brand the other from Euclid, both came out today.

Euclid measures tens of millions of domestic shopping session by tracking smartphones going by and into stores and found that in May most shoppers made fewer trips but spent more time in the stores.

Store traffic decreased 11% from a year ago, though most shoppers spent about 24 minutes in the store, a minute longer than last year. Repeat customers totaled only 13% of total visits measured, down from a year ago.



One in 10 shoppers who entered a store left within five minutes.

Meanwhile, Branding Brand found smartphone commerce activity to be booming.

The company measures smartphone commerce activity at retail websites based on 120 million visits, 997 million page views and 3 million orders totaling $375 million in revenue.

In the latest report, every smartphone stat is up. Here are the increases in smartphone activity compared to the same month last year:

  • 69% -- Visits
  • 86% -- Page views
  • 98% - Orders
  • 111% -- Revenue

The market share of smartphone visits increased 49% and the share of non-mobile visits decreased by 20%, consistent with research we wrote about here yesterday (Buying by Smartphone: iPhone 74%, Android 25%).

Non-smartphone orders still account for almost three quarters (72%) of orders but mobile order account for the rest (28%), up from just one in five a year ago.

By device, iPhones still dominate sales, accounting for 67% of revenue compared to 33% form Android devices, which is consistent with other research.

While consumers still are going to stores, mobile shoppers are becoming much more active behind the scenes.

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  1. Krillion by Local from Local Corporation, June 12, 2014 at 3:04 p.m.

    Our recent mobile shopper study also uncovered some interesting information about what types of information consumers are accessing via mobile to drive their purchase decisions. In fact, our research showed that search results listings (50 percent), peer ratings and reviews (42 percent) and search results showing local availability (31 percent) were the top influencers for mobile purchase decisions. The study also revealed gaps in mobile purchasing patterns by gender showing that women are more likely to be influenced to purchase by email and men are more likely to be influenced to purchase by search results listings. All of the data continues to support the idea that retailers need to be engaging and connecting with these mobile shoppers across various channels, categories and devices along the path-to-purchase.

  2. Chuck Martin from Chuck Martin, June 12, 2014 at 3:12 p.m.

    Thanks Krllion, great info.

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