Jivox Releases Cloud-Based Engine For Dynamic Display Ads

Jivox has released the IQ Data Engine into the cloud to help brands create more relevant ads. The platform, a component of their IQ Ad Server, allows advertisers and agencies to automate production, delivery and retargeting of personalized, rich media ads. The concept of data-driven dynamic creative ads might seem a bit daunting, but with the increase in online use, marketers have to explore all options.

Data triggers text, images and more to personalize the content in the display ad unit. It segments audiences and brands while considering weather, location, date and time, device, and more. Take Mercedes, for instance. The car manufacturer caters to different consumer segments, like families with kids. The brand would upload images and text into their content management system connected to the IQ Data Engine. Through programmable logic, the Jivox platform determines the use of the creative pieces, explains Diaz Nesamoney, founder and CEO of Jivox.



The company claims that early adopters of the platform have seen up to 227% increases in engagement and overall campaign return on investments (ROIs). 

The platform operates in real-time to process and match first- and third-party data, determining the best format and message for each ad unit based on environmental and other types of data. Nesamoney said the technology "borrows from what some Web sites do." The sites have content management systems that serve information the site visitor might want to see based on historical searches or recommendations.

As programmatic media-buying becomes more prevalent, marketers must find better return on investments by increasing the relevance of the ad content with microtargeted messaging down to the individual. The platform can retarget users with sequential ads based on historic engagement and cookie data.

The Data Engine also supports a new set of APIs to integrate with first- and third-party data sources. The APIs include real-time segment identification, keyword-based matching, and environmental data.

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