It's Actually Pronounced Triple A

When things don't go your way, sometimes all you can do it laugh. At least, that is the concept behind AAA Mid-Atlantic's new brand campaign. 

Developed by Philadelphia-based branding agency, 160over90, the "It’s Actually Pronounced Triple A" campaign plays on life’s “AAAH” moments to show that no matter what happens, AAA offers whatever services you need. 

“We wanted to create a brand campaign centered on real-life, everyday scenarios,” said Sig Gross, Creative Director, 160over90. “In playing up many of the exclamatory moments we all experience—yelling, groaning, or even sighing ‘AAAH’—we’re able to highlight AAA’s wide-ranging services that make its members’ lives a little easier.”



Indeed, the concept is meant to educate consumers about AAA Mid-Atlantic's full range of services. Widely known for its roadside assistance, AAA Mid-Atlantic also provides personal insurance, financial, automotive, and travel services. Thus, the campaign was created in order to relate to the average person, using real-life, common scenarios to highlight AAA Mid-Atlantic’s offerings, whether you locked your keys in the car, you’re looking to plan a family vacation, or you just bought a house and need insurance.

At the same time, the campaign represents a new direction for the brand. Earlier marketing materials communicated all of the services and products AAA offered as separate, individual business entities - travel, insurance, roadside services - that all operated independently of one another. As a result, these separate silos construed a disconnected messaging strategy, say executives.

Now, its approach builds on one cohesive message to inform members and potential members of all the services offered, together.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan voices the campaign. He was selected based on his ability to convey a variety of emotions in a humorous, but relatable way. “The ‘It’s Actually Pronounced Triple-A’ concept, and 160over90’s idea of taking a comedic, playful approach to life’s good and bad moments, really resonated with us,” said Marke Dickinson, Chief Marketing Officer, AAA Mid-Atlantic. "Jim Gaffigan’s blend of dry humor and relatability make him the perfect fit to tell our brand story.” 

Since AAA Mid-Atlantic is a regional company, a subset of AAA National, this ad campaign will appear in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. The effort includes billboards, bus wraps, and digital advertising. Branded radio spots will run across AM and FM airwaves and on Pandora online radio. 

160over90 has been working with AAA Mid-Atlantic for the past year and plans to expand this campaign in the coming months.

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