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Clypd Unveils New API For Programmatic TV

  • Adweek, Tuesday, June 17, 2014 4:31 PM

Clypd, a programmatic TV ad platform, on Tuesday announced the launch of a new API meant to let “media partners sell commercial television space using the same tools that deliver ads online,” Adweek has reported.

Clypd has media-buying platforms such as Google, BrightRoll, DataXu, Accordant Media, TubeMogul, Turn, Collective and The Trade Desk on board and ready to use the new API, per Adweek. Cox is named as a television provider that will make use of the new software. Cox has been a partner of clypd’s for several months now.

Adweek clarifies: “Clypd’s technology enables ad buyers to place orders and TV providers to deliver the commercials in an automated way, but it's not a real-time bidding platform for trading ad space in millions of auctions a second.”

The new software is meant to change the way TV media planners buy audiences, Adweek notes.



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