KTSF Adds Mobile Viewing To TV Ratings

Striking what it hopes to be the first of many deals, Nielsen and independent San Francisco TV station KTSF have an agreement where mobile viewing will be credited to the station’s local TV ratings.

Nielsen says mobile viewing “will contribute to existing television audience estimates with mobile viewers, allowing KTSF to identify additional viewing that it is not currently receiving credit for today.”

The station’s local TV app is launching as well -- allowing viewers to access live programming. Viewers will have access to both live and on-demand TV programming in the San Francisco Bay area, which will be particularly helpful to the station’s 1.7 million Asian-Americans.  

Nielsen says KTSF’s viewers have a high rate of mobile device adoption, with digital viewing trends above the national average population. Nielsen’s Cross-Platform research says Asians currently watch 19% more video on smartphones per month than other viewers.

The mobile measurement will determine demographic information, as well as which advertising campaigns or program episodes were watched and the difference in viewing behavior of live and on-demand programming.

The KTSF TV app comes from Syncbak, which enables users to watch live, in-market broadcast television. Syncbak has deals with around 150 local TV stations -- including ones in San Diego, San Francisco, Colorado Springs, Boston, and Miami. KTSF in San Francisco will be the first to get credit for its mobile TV viewing.

The app was integrated into Nielsen’s proprietary Software Development Kit (SDK) in April 2014.

“We think Nielsen’s SDK, allowing us to be at the cutting edge of audience measurement, will help paint a clearer picture of our overall audience to advertisers,” said Michael Sherman, general manager of KTSF.



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