CPC Strategy Lands On Google Shopping Partner List

CPC Strategy has become one of less than a dozen Google Shopping partners, playing in the park as one of the smallest companies to participate with the likes of Adobe, Adlucent, Datapop, Channel Advisor, Rimm-Kaufman Group, and iProspect. The companies on this preferred vendor list must become certified to earn a space on the page and in the program.

San Diego-based CPC Strategy provides data management and ecommerce solutions to assist brands with building and submitting product data feeds to Google Shopping. As an approved partner, the company helps to manage products online, making it easier to drive traffic and sales to online store.

Last week, Google said it plans to enforce new Google Merchant Center feed specifications beginning Sept. 30, 2014. The changes mean submitting mobile landing page links separately to direct mobile shoppers per experience, and defining merchant custom product bundles like cameras and cases or lenses. It also means adding item availability to determine what items are available in which states or regions, and a mandatory character limit for each attribution to help display the correct and concise product information.



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