Clintons Tap Bing Pulse For Real-Time Audience Feedback At CGI Events

Microsoft made a move Tuesday to bring the Bing Pulse real-time audience survey tool into live events with help of Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative America conference.

The conference will use Microsoft's tool to gauge audience sentiment from those watching online and in person during two sessions on topics of American competitiveness, and energy and national resources.

Josh Gottheimer, general manager of strategy at Microsoft, said "people want the opportunity to be heard by giving live feedback."

The tool moves the Bing brand from a search engine into data-driven initiatives like monitoring live surveys and predictive analytics. The data -- collected around cultural moments, events and predictions -- will ultimately support search engine marketing and present opportunities for brands to create useful information and content for consumer.

Microsoft's goal to empower individuals with a voice allows many more to share their views, whether in public forums like political conversations, and sports and entertainment events. Bing Pulse enables anyone with a mobile device, tablet or computer to engage in live events, whether on-site or on-air, by voting on poll questions or responding to the content they view. Participants identify themselves as male or female when they register for a party affiliation. The technology allows participants to track and share opinions on the topic begin discussed.



As the panel discussion progresses, viewers have five choices to characterize how they feel about the discussion, including: strongly agree, somewhat agree, neutral, somewhat disagree and strongly disagree. The live count of the number of "pulses" or votes is calculated into a line graph to show how those viewing the discussion react to language and issues.

The Bing Pulse also provides an intensity score highlighting the moments in the discussion with the greatest number of viewers voted at the same time. Aside from giving the audience a platform to participate in the discussion, it gives speakers and broadcast hosts real-time feedback as events occur. Final results are reported at the end of a session.

Fox News used the technology for two State of the Union addresses by President Obama, as well as a regular feature on "Special Report with Bret Baier." ABC News also used Bing Pulse during its online broadcast of the House Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange.

Bing also released research that finds Americans believe the American Dream has become less attainable, at 65%, yet remain confident they are better equipped than the previous generation to solve the nation's most pressing problems. Some 58% of Americans, including 66% of those ages 16 to 24, believe their generation is economically worse off than their parents' generation.

About 57% say that more progress will come from adopting innovative and new ideas, compared with 21% who say that more progress will come from tried-and-true ideas. And, 60% believe the best ideas for addressing economic issues tend to come from the local level and spread nationally.

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