Google Introduces Android Wear, Auto, TV: Moves Voice Deeper Into Search

Google showed off a series of devices running on Android software at its annual developers' conference Wednesday, demonstrating notifications and voice commands that David Singleton, director of engineering for Google, said will change the way consumers think about electronics.

LG, Motorola and Samsung will offer the Android Wear devices this year. The Samsung and LG Android Wear-powered smartwatch, the Gear Live and G Watch, respectively, become available to preorder today. Singleton demonstrated the ability to order a pizza within 20 seconds by repeating a previous order he made on Eat 24. He also demonstrated calling a car service by saying to a watch "Okay Google, call me a car," which also allowed him to rate the pay and rate the ride.

Android Wear will support notifications via vibrations. The touchscreen display allows watch wearers to swipe vertically to view notifications from various apps that syncs to the wearer's phone. It also sets reminders and lets users ask questions to get answers via Google search. The company said it will make the software developer kit available today.



It's part of an overall overhaul of Android and the integration of the operating system into wearable devices, automobiles and televisions. At Google I/O  the company unveiled the upcoming version of Android called L, a complete redesign of Android's user interface that will support the move.

The technology will come to cars, too. Google Director of Engineering Patrick Brady said Android Auto will provide a way to connect Android apps on the phone to services in the car, such as navigation, communication and music. This is done through voice commands, steering wheel controls and a touchscreen in the car. There are more than 40 partners like Acura, Bentley, Chevrolet, Infiniti, among others, that have joined the Open Automotive Alliance.

The Android platform for autos will cast the phone screen to a car's screen. Google Maps is voice enabled, allowing the driver to ask for information about the business and then request driving directions.

Google has also introduced Android TV. Google search drives the discovery options, showing information from the user's Android-connected devices.  It also brings Google Play video games to the TV screen. The store opens in the fall with support from Sony, Sharp, TP Vision, and set-top box support from Asus, among others.

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