Castello Cheese Displays Edible Art In NYC

Upscale cheese brand Castello is allowing New Yorkers to "Eat the Art" during a exhibit at New York City's Grand Central Terminal on Thursday, June 26 and Friday, June 27. 

Spong, agency of record for Castello since 2013, is the lead creative agency for this initiative, and is working alongside production company Trigger House to host the two-day pop-up gallery featuring edible works of art made of cheese. 

This concept is designed to get fans to connect Castello cheese makers with celebrated artists, since both "inspire and delight those who experience the final products." And Grand Central Terminal was selected on behalf of its creative craftsmanship, another trait Castello Cheese executives hope fans will associate with its own products. 

"Innovation, tradition and the art of cheese making have been Castello hallmarks for more than 120 years," said Susan Burris, Brand Manager, Castello. "Like the artists showcased at our one-of-a-kind gallery, Castello is fueled by creativity and a passion for discovery. We are delighted for food lovers to experience the art of creatively crafted cheese as we bring Castello to life upon a new canvas."

The exhibit showcases a display of famous still life prints alongside ready-to-eat replicas fashioned entirely of Castello cheese. Guests will be allowed to remove and eat samples directly from the artwork, while servers will also be handing out samples of Castello's new Aged Havarti product, which debuts in the U.S. in August.

The featured art includes works from Clara Peeters (Still Life With Cheeses, Artichoke and Cherries), George Smith (Still Life of Bread, Butter and Cheese), Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin (Jar of Apricots), Raphaelle Peale (Cheese With Three Crackers), John F. Francis (Still Life With Wine, Bottles and Cheese) and Antoine Vollon (Still Life With Cheese).

At the same time, food artists Jim Victor and Marie Pelton will be hand-carving a replica of a Metro North Train made completely from Castello Alps Selection Hirten cheese.

Although this event is targeting New Yorkers, social media is capturing the experience for other U.S. consumers. To that end, the Castello Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@CastelloUSA) channels are being used to curate and share photos of the event. All content will be tagged #CastelloArt.

At this time, however, there is no paid advertising planned for the launch of this new Aged Havarti cheese.



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