Sizmek Partners With comScore, Nielsen For Audience Data

Ad management firm Sizmek has partnered with comScore and Nielsen for audience measurement data. The data will be available, on a subscription basis, on a new analytics platform within Sizmek's overall offering, dubbed Audience Suite. 

The partnerships mark the first time comScore validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) or Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) will be available to Sizmek clients, according to Andrew Bloom, the company’s SVP of strategic business development.

The partnerships are meant to bring a familiar audience measurement metric -- television’s Gross Rating Point (GRP) -- to the world of online advertising. The Nielsen and comScore data can be overlaid with Sizmek’s own media measurement tools, including video completion rate measurement and conversion data.

“Advertisers and marketers are seeking a 360 view of their campaigns,” stated Andrew Feigenson, managing director of digital client services at Nielsen.

In an earlier statement, Bloom echoed those thoughts, noting that marketers want a "common currency by which they can measure campaigns." He added: "By integrating the GRP measurements of either comScore or Nielsen alongside other Sizmek performance metrics, digital marketers can now compare channels and results seamlessly."

Anne Hunter, SVP of global product marketing at comScore, stated that the company is “pleased to be part of this Sizmek offering” that brings more demographic audience data and GRPs online.

Sizmek clients that have existing subscriptions to comScore vCE or Nielsen OCR through other means can immediately integrate their audience data into Sizmek’s platform, per a release.

Otherwise, the rollout of comScore and Nielsen integrations will be soft. The new Audience Suite analytics platform -- through which comScore and Nielsen’s audience data will be available -- is currently in beta for select global clients. Additionally, as previously noted, data from comScore and Nielsen will not come standard to Sizmek clients. The company will instead offer either comScore vCE or Nielsen OCR subscriptions as part of its package to clients.

“Or” is a keyword there, and while Sizmek will let clients integrate both comScore and Nielsen data, it will be presented separately.

“We will let them integrate with both,” explained Bloom, “but the combined metrics -- Sizmek plus vCE or Sizmek plus OCR -- will be presented separately. In other words, one dashboard would have Sizmek and vCE and another dashboard could have Sizmek and OCR.”

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