TV Viewers Happily Indulge In Binge Watching

Two-thirds of TV viewers have done some binge viewing, according to a new study -- and most are not “guilty” about that activity.

Omnicom Media Group’s Annalect research unit says 63% of TV viewers 18+ have watched at least three or more episodes of the same TV show in one sitting.

The study also says 73% do not feel “guilty” after binge viewing, with 68% not wishing to stop.
Binging doesn’t have much to do with “commercial avoidance.” The research concludes binge-viewers “are not only tolerant of ads, but are even more receptive to them compared to non-bingers.”

Some 21% of binge viewers remember seeing commercials -- more so than with traditional TV viewing. This compares to 10% for non-binge viewers.
Not all viewers see themselves as binge-viewers. The research says while 62% of binge viewers have heard the term “binge-watching” or “binge-viewing,” only 43% identify themselves as “binge viewers.” That said, more male viewers understand or are aware of the term -- 66% to females 59%.

Good news for TV marketers -- more than half of all binge-viewers (52%) discover new programs from binging. Too much TV? Not really. Research says 73% do not feel “guilty” after binge-viewing, and 68% do not wish to stop binge-viewing.

The research was done in May 2014 among 1,307 respondents who spend 5 or more hours a week watching televised content on any device: 826 binge-viewers and 481 non-binge viewers.

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