LeadiD Sniffs Out Fraudulent Leads With Forensiq

LeadiD, a lead gen tracking platform, has added fraud detection tech powered by Forensiq to its platform. Forensiq built the lead, impression and conversion fraud detection tech a little over one month ago. 

“Fraudulent leads can wreak havoc on a company’s marketing or sales process. Not only do studies show these ‘high-risk’ leads, which contain inaccurate, skewed or falsified information, are as much as five times less likely to convert, they can paint an inaccurate picture of campaign performance,” stated Ross Shanken, LeadiD CEO. “The rise of advanced technology is driving efficient practices like programmatic ad buying. At the same time, fraudsters are getting more advanced, making high-risk leads even more difficult to detect.”



Sellers can use the technology to determine sources of fraud while buyers can use it to measure each lead’s fraud risk, per a release. The buyer and seller technologies are available separate of one another from LeadiD’s app marketplace.

“We’re pleased to be working with LeadiD on this important initiative,” stated David Sendroff, founder and CEO of Forensiq. “Getting fraudulent leads out of the lead pool will bring greater efficiency and efficacy to the industry.”

"Fraud" image from Shutterstock.

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