Younger Viewers Find Online TV, Video Spots More Invasive

Younger viewers feel targeted online TV and video commercials are more intrusive than their older viewers -- also that online video messages are more annoying than traditional TV commercials.

Chicago-based media buying and selling software company, Strata, said 64% of those between 18-44 found targeted ads more invasive than non-targeted ads, as compared to 36% of those who were 45 and older.

Younger viewers also found online video ads to be more "annoying" than their parents -- as well as that of online TV commercials versus that of traditional TV. 43% of 18-29 viewers answered that online video ads are more irritating than TV ads, compared to 24% of over 60 years old.

Some 52% of younger viewers aged 18-29 and 54% of those 30 to 44 said targeted and non-targeted ads were found to be equally invasive. Older viewers were more vocal: 76% of those in the 60 and older and 61% of those between 45 and 60 years old thought targeted and non-targeted ads equally invasive.

“90% of respondents said that ads are targeted incorrectly at least some of the time,” stated Joy Baer, president of Strata. “As the industry gains a better understanding of the online video landscape, we all need to work on creating the best possible ads and effectively target the right audiences."

The national online survey of Strata came from 675 adults, ages 18 and up, who watch online videos or TV programming online. The survey was done from June 19-24, 2014. 51% of the survey's respondents were female, 49% were male.

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