Smartphone Owners Research, Scan, Tap & Pay

Not everyone uses smartphones for mobile shopping, payments or banking but many of those who do are tapping, scanning and buying.

Most research around mobile looks at how many people are doing what, generally to identify market size trends and directions.

One recent study took a look at some of the behaviors of those who already are using their smartphone for shopping activities.

Of those, almost half (45%) pay for goods and services at a store by presenting a barcode or QR code on their phone screen, according to the Nielsen Mobile Wallet Report.

The study comprised a survey of 3,784 U.S. adults who used their phone or tablet to shop, pay or bank within the last 30 days.

More than a third (37%) taps their device on a payment reader using NFC (near field communication) and some (22%) use peer-to-peer payments. Here’s the breakdown of uses:

  • 45% -- Pay for goods, services at store by presenting code on device screen
  • 37% -- Pay at a store by tapping device on a payment reader using NFC, such as Google Wallet
  • 29% -- Pay at a store by scanning a barcode or QR code using smartphone camera
  • 24% -- Pay by attaching a device such a credit card reader to mobile device
  • 22% -- Peer-to-peer payment via mobile app



A separate study just out also took a snapshot of usage patterns of current smartphone owners and found that for many back-to-school shoppers, smartphones will be used in a number of ways.

Mobile consumers are researching, comparing process and looking up information about retailers, according to the 2014 Back-to-School Survey by Prosper Insights and Analytics for the National Retail Federation.

Of smartphone owners, here’s how they plan to use their device to make back-to-school decisions, according to the NRF study.

  • 37% -- Research products, compare prices
  • 25% -- Look up retailer information
  • 24% -- Redeem coupons
  • 22% -- Purchase products
  • 16% -- Compare prices
  • 15% -- Use apps to compare prices

While not all smartphone owners are actively participating in mobile shopping, those who are seem to be getting around.


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