4K/Ultra-HD TV Sets Sport High Tech, But Low Public Awareness

Don’t look for major changes among TV consumers with regard to TV equipment anytime soon.

New research finds that 83% of adult broadband users are not even familiar with 4K/Ultra-HD TV sets, according to The Diffusion Group.

Of those consumers who know about 4K, many are markedly sensitive to the high costs of these advanced sets, which can be priced $1,500 on the low end and up to $10,000 on the high end.

At the $999 level for a 4K TV only 10.5% say they are “slightly likely to purchase,” 8.9% “moderately likely” to purchase, and 3.4% “definitely” would purchase. Moving up in price adds even more pressure. At $1,999, only 4% would be slightly likely to purchase, 1.9% moderately, and 1.3% definitely would purchase.

Another major reason for those who are not considering the purchase of improved technology -- satisfaction with their current TV technology -- 26% said "they were perfectly comfortable with the televisions they currently use."

Other studies note that TV networks/distributors in the U.S. are hardly moving to transmit and/or produce much 4K content -- also factoring in low prospects of high-end TV set sales.

The research came from 1,500 online interviews, covering a wide range of media topics including various Internet-enabled video platforms, in-home and mobile/portable devices



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