AudienceScience Bridging Programmatic's Supply & Demand Gap With Open API

AudienceScience, a digital ad tech company that works directly with brands, on Tuesday updated its ad management platform to let buyers tap directly into supply sources via an API. The API is intended to reduce integration time between buyers and sellers in the programmatic marketplace. 

Initial supply partners include LiveRail, Marketplace by AOL and sovrn.

“For programmatic advertising to deliver the best results, advertisers need access to several supply partners, both to achieve scale and to hit their audience on appropriate sites,” stated Jeff Hochberg, VP of business development at AudienceScience.

“Open API efforts … can provide tangible benefits for both sides of the ad buying equation,” stated Richie Brown, director of demand sales at LiveRail, a video advertising supply-side platform (SSP) that was recently acquired by Facebook. “By eliminating the need for lengthy, individual integrations with each supply partner, advertisers can access more available inventory faster.”



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