Expion Relaunches Social Marketing Platform: Integrates Data, Offers More Customized View

Silo-like thinking can be the bane of any form of marketing that requires the integration of multiple disciplines, but when it comes to social marketing campaigns, where different areas of expertise -- social community management, content creation, brand management, etc. -- must come together as a unified whole in or near real-time, it can be devastating. In a move to get the entire social marketing organization on the same page, Expion today will unveil a new version of its social relationship and content marketing platform that seeks to bring the pieces together in a unified way.

“Each person sees the world from their own world view,” explains Expion CEO Peter Heffring.

The goal of the new version of Expion’s platform, he says, is to give everyone in the enterprise access to the information necessary to be on the same page, but also to see the page in a way that makes sense for the role they play within it.



To do that, Expion has centralized all of the enterprises data, but enables each user to customize the way they access and view it in a way that makes sense or their individual workflow. That may mean giving social community managers more immediate access to discover what content is being created in order to create or build on social relationships for a brand. Or it could mean the flip-side, giving content creators insights on what themes or memes are resonating most with a brand’s fans in order to generate more content that will capitalize on the idea or trending story.

And it’s not just the relevance of the data each stakeholder needs to perform their role, but the focus. Because most social platforms are typically standardized, they can overwhelm individuals with more tools than they need, causing them to neglect the ones that are most important to them.

Conversely, social marketing executives frequently must navigate across multiple applications and modules layered inside their tech stack, losing data and efficiency in the process.

Expion’s solution is to provide centralized access to all the social marketing data and assets, but enabling each user to customize how they access and visualize it, regardless of whether it is content discovery, content planning, publishing, moderation or other roles critical to the campaign’s success.

A good example of the new interface is the platform’s content discovery library, which organizes each client’s social content and ranks them based on both paid or organic performance, as well as specific performance criteria, such as reach, cost-per-action, or other metrics relevant to a brand’s social marketing goals.

“It’s about arming the content marketers with paid media analytics for the first time,” says Heffring, adding that in many agencies or marketing organizations content creators or community managers don’t even have access to the paid media data.

“They’re the ones creating the content,” he says, adding that with access to both paid and organic performance, they can create campaigns based on what’s actually working.

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