IgnitionOne Redesigns DMS Analytics With Focus On Heat Maps, Speed

IgnitionOne on Thursday released an update to its Digital Marketing Suite, DMS Analytics, that uses an algorithmic, color-coded schematic to show brands on a computer screen the areas in which they need to focus to improve campaign performance.

Essentially, IgnitionOne rebuilt its analytics platform from the ground up to improve workflow and flexibility in how marketers can slice the data and see the most relevant numbers rise to the top, MediaPost Search Marketing Daily hears.

The revamp increases reporting speeds by more than 50% and gives them other ways to arrange and analyze marketing and advertising data required to track and optimize efforts. These intuitive features allow marketers see the changes to easily identify important trends and data points to make quick decisions.



"Upping our game," IgnitionOne President Roger Barnette calls it. He believes the latest updates "leapfrog" other platforms by bringing brand and agency marketers a visual representation of the numbers.

Barnette said the online marketing and advertising industry lacks simplicity when it comes to platforms. Marketers are overwhelmed with data, with technology, and with ways to reach customers. Overall, there are few ways to connect the dots -- to ensure the correct message gets delivered and to really understand the entire lifecycle of consumers, he explains. "The relationship doesn't end at a click or a conversion," he said. "If data is centralized and the insights are delivered simply to marketers, they can do amazing things. That is what IgnitionOne is offering."

The User Engagement Score Algorithm sits at the core of the DMS platform. It determines the value of a user before automating the delivery of the correct marketing message on and off the brand's, retailer's or service company's Web site. 

Today, IgnitionOne scores more than 300 million users monthly in 75 countries and powers more than $30 billion in revenue each year for General Motors, CenturyLink, Bridgestone, La Quinta and Fiat, 360i, GroupM and iProspect, among others. Search Marketing Daily hears that the company generates revenue of about $100 million annually from a 60/40 direct/agency split.

The features in DMS Analytics released Thursday are part of an overall strategy for IngitionOne. "We have our focus on continuing to simplify marketing technology, including media mix modeling and fully integrating user data management across all channels, while continuing to push the envelope across the optimization of each channel," Barnette said, adding that marketers should expect to see development at IgnitionOne in mobile and cross-device tracking.

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