Horizon-Rentrak Deal Will Spotlight New VOD Targeting Opportunities

Forget C7. How about C-plus the lifetime of program? That’s the kind of on-demand viewing data Rentrak can provide TV buyers. And in a bid to give clients a more complete picture of TV viewership across television and VOD platforms -- and targeting opportunities within that picture -- Horizon has just a struck a deal to participate in Rentrak’s multiscreen measurement service Multiscreen Essentials.

Already more than 170 network and studio clients use Rentrak's extensive On Demand information. “Our clients rely on Rentrak’s measurement service to provide critical information needed to make better business decisions,” said Chris Wilson, president of national television at Rentrak. “Piloting our VOD measurement capabilities with Horizon Media highlights the critical role Rentrak’s VOD currency plays as on demand viewership continues to grow."

Rentrak pulls its data from over 110 million TVs in the U.S. and Canada including all multichannel video-programming distributors offering VOD. The new partnership with Horizon allows the agency to access Rentrak’s Essentials system to give the agency’s advertisers a deeper understanding of the incremental delivery of Video-on-Demand audiences.



Ultimately, this information will help Horizon Media develop convergence metrics to craft more effective and efficient video planning and buying campaigns, as well as identify key usage trends for better targeting. 

Transparency is key to successfully measuring viewers, says Eric Blankfein, chief of Horizon Media’s WHERE Group. “Up until now, the industry has been blind to the true value and potential of VOD targeting due to insufficient data," says Blankfein.  "Our partnership with Rentrak will shine new a new light on the value and targeting opportunities.”

Rentrak asserts that its advanced demographics and census-like measurement "provides the industry with tools they need to plan, to buy and to post on multiple platforms against targeted audiences, not just after the third day, not after the seventh day but every day on every program and on every ad over the life of the program." 

Horizon Media has estimated billings of over $4.3 billion and over 850 employees. The company is also a founding member of Columbus Media International, a multi-national partnership of independent media agencies.

Rentrak now reports overall industry data or Internet video on-demand and electronic sell-through from movies and TV content digitally downloaded in the United States. The company anticipates launching its international digital footprint service in the second quarter of fiscal ‘15 in 20 countries, including Canada, the U.K., Germany, France, Australia, Japan. 

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