StrawberryFrog 'Hearts' Ehrmann Mixim Greek Yogurt

Chobani and Danone both spend hundreds of millions in advertising to drive Greek yogurt sales. To that end, Greek yogurt accounts for 52% of dollar sales in the yogurt category -- up from 4% in 2008, according to Nielsen.

Now, MIXIM -- a new fat-free Greek yogurt -- is launching an integrated advertising campaign to make some waves, raise its awareness, and garner market share.

Developed by creative agency StrawberryFrog New York, the effort includes TV spots and social media channels Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that explain in a straightforward manner the product's unique qualities. "The TV spots focuses on the emotional benefit 'It's love your way,'" says James McKinnon, StrawberryFrog's strategic planner on the account.

The TV commercials, for instance, display up-close images of chocolate and creamy mounds of yogurt to underscore the product's fat-free yogurt and double-dip of toppings.

“Consumers want choices and they want to personalize their food. Even packaged foods,” said Chris Solly, CEO of Ehrmann USA. “The two perfectly paired toppings in each flavor can be added a little at a time or all at once and let consumers create their own taste sensations. MIXIM helps consumers do what they naturally do with their Greek yogurt… mix it up.”

StrawberryFrog intends to develop a brand movement that consumers can inspire to belong and that will help the brand break through.

"We love working with challenger brands that want to stir up the category. Yogurt is a big business in America and with the right breakthrough creative, there is still a lot of room for new yogurt brands to smash through the status quo. The big players are predictable and bent on protecting what they've achieved in the market. The challenger brands can spend a lot of time trying new things and looking for the Achilles heel," says Scott Goodson, Founder of StrawberryFrog. "While we respect the competition, we've spent a lot of time understanding the market and testing and learning."

Social advocacy is also baked into the company. The brand supports the Children's Heart Foundation monetarily and plays off this heart association by packaging its products in heart-shaped containers, displaying heart-shaped images in the TV spots, and invoking adoration through the campaign's "It's Love Your Way." Plus, the brand officially launched on the heart-filled Valentine's Day with the Children’s Heart Foundation as the beneficiary of funds raised from the event.

The yogurt debuted on store shelves in California, Arizona and Nevada in January 2014, before expanding nationally this spring. Ehrmann USA is the American subsidiary of a German dairy production company with nearly 100 years of food experience.
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