The Colonel Pumps Gas For KFC Promo

To promote its new $5 Fill-Ups menu offering, KFC recently had an actor dressed as Colonel Sanders surprise motorists at a Louisville, Ky. service station.

On July 29, "The Colonel" approached cars stopping for gas at the full-service station Pruitt’s Service Island, gave them $5 KFC gift checks, and filled up their cars for free. 

Motorists' reactions were captured in a video, posted on YouTube on Aug. 1, now showing nearly 500 views.

The brand also surprised Twitter fans during Aug. 1 by giving away gas cards and KFC gift checks in values ranging from $10 to $300; the brand used the hashtag #5buckfillup to promote the giveaway.

The promotion generated nearly 800 "favorites" and more than 800 retweets.

The $5 Fill-Ups meals, in five combinations, include a choice of entrée, a medium drink and a chocolate chip cookie; some also include a biscuit.



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  1. Steve Schildwachter from BrightStar Care, August 5, 2014 at 8:25 a.m.

    It's Colonel Sanders, not "Saunders".

    Nice idea.

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