Horizon Media And MyersBizNet Host 300+ Ad Industry Interns

Networking is a key requirement in the advertising industry -- and Horizon Media is helping interns get a head-start in forming relationships. In what the shop says is an industry first, Horizon has partnered with MyersBizNet to host more than 300 of the advertising industry’s summer interns for a one-day event Wednesday, August 6. 

These interns -- from across various media agencies, creative agencies, television networks, media sales and other ad industry workplaces -- have the opportunity to meet, network and learn from one another.

Executives from LinkedIn, Own the Room, and The Sales Athlete, as well as noted industry leader Geraldine Laybourne are participating in break-out sessions and providing some words of wisdom. 

"We realized that every summer across the ad industry, top talent gets hired as interns," says Eileen Benwitt, Chief Talent Officer, Horizon Media. "We thought, wouldn’t it be a fantastic opportunity to unite as an industry by bringing our interns together to meet and build their networks early in their careers? MyersBizNet, Jack Myers and Horizon Media have had huge success working together so we decided to partner together again to raise the visibility of our industry and leverage these rising stars by providing a collective experience focusing on career development and mentoring.”



The concept is based on similar programs conducted within the agency. "Horizon is a place where we listen and share, take time out to enjoy the journey, and a place where we get things done," says Benwitt. "It is extremely important to provide a red carpet experience for all new hires, including our interns. We also believe that it's our responsibility to nurture the future leaders of our industry."

Yet, it hasn't been without its challenges. "Getting 300-plus of the advertising industry’s interns together is quite a feat," says Benwitt. "The idea has been well received and we’ve had an overwhelming response from the community. It’s one of those win-win opportunities for interns and for the companies that hire them."

Looking forward, Horizon Media and MyersBizNet anticipate this initiative will become an annual event.

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