Unruly Adds Nielsen OCR To Social Video Ad Platform

Marketing tech company Unruly, which has a focus on social video, on Thursday announced that it has partnered with Nielsen to bring the Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) to its ad platform. The ratings allow advertisers to target specific audiences via online video ads.

“With three-quarters of video views happening outside of YouTube, it’s more important than ever to reach audiences where they are watching and sharing videos,” stated Richard Kosinski, president of Unruly U.S. “And now with Unruly and Nielsen OCR, advertisers can be assured that their social video ads were not just viewed, but were also seen by their desired audience within Nielsen’s dataset.

“Advertisers continue to struggle to keep pace with the evolving landscape associated with programmatic exchanges. Nielsen OCR provides clients with a deeper understanding of where their ads are being watched,” he added.

Advertisers will be able to buy in-stream pre-roll video ads via Unruly against the Nielsen OCRs.



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