ComScore Signs Deal With ThePlatform For Enhanced Video Analytics

Advertisers are increasingly turning to video content to engage consumers, yet executives have had a hard time answering many simple questions about this usage, such as what factors increase views and are the ads even being watched? 

Now, comScore can provide some detailed answers. The company's Digital Analytix video publishing system is integrating with thePlatform, a video publishing company, to offer what the companies believe is a better understanding of video metrics.

This alliance will provide insights about the quality of service viewers are experiencing, and will provide data about video startup times, successful and failed start attempts. 

In addition, companies can now receive detailed analysis on what factors improve conversion, such as time of day and platform; the level of consumption happening across different devices on a per-user basis; factors that both increase retention and loyalty; and engagement: and features and events that drive engagement at launch and over time.



"Before we didn't have the depth of understanding," says Ade Adeosun, VP Digital Enterprise Analytics, comScore. "A big challenge in the video space is consuming on multiple platforms. Is the same person watching on the laptop, phone, and connected TV? Now, clients can learn and if it is the same person, they can create compelling stories to keep them engaged."

This integration allows all clients of thePlatform to receive comScore's dynamic video analytics and reporting through the mpx console at no additional cost, and comScore's subscribers will now also receive additional analytics in video user behaviors thanks to thePlatform's enhanced tracking metrics. 

ThePlatform sought this deal with comScore because its services were unable to provide the in-depth analysis that clients increasingly. For instance, it was previously unable to analyze cross-platform usage. 

At the same time, this deal provides comScore with yet another level of analysis and tracking to differentiates the company from competitors.

Ultimately, this alliance helps publishers and advertisers better understand how, when and on what device viewers are engaging with their content and advertisements. "Take someone like Fox or NBC who both use our platform," says Adeosun. "They want to monetize these videos, but don't know where to place the ads so they don't impact the user experience or causes them to abandon the video. Now, they will be able to see exactly where users are turning away or how long they are watching."

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